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Days of Old

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Timeline: Long ago, Cenozoic Era.

Place: Ancient, pre-feudal Japan.

Summary: This is a rare look into the past of the Ancient and those near to his heart.

- Anubis Soundwave

Note: When each story is up, the link will be duly highlighted.

Prophecy: Basically, a mysterious kami warns the Mamoru Dynasty of an unusual threat. But this message comes along with the birth of the emperor's new son.

Hurricane's Eye of Change: Five years later. A mysterious stranger comes to the Isle of Nihon with Matsuuyama. The Dark Dragon, our newcomer's enemy, decides to cause trouble at Arago's birthday party.

Death and the Love of Life: Another fourteen years pass. By this time, Matsuu has developed a way to restore the earth to its pristine beauty. This touches the emperor so much that he dies.

Fair Play: Sixteen years later. Kaosu glimpses a bather, none other than Merlin's daughter Calla. However, it's his eternally lucky brother Kaojin who brings her kimono home. Being a noble man at heart, Kaosu tells Kaojin about the purpose of the kimono.

Trial of Man's Dignity: A condensed version of Brahmi's experiences in the Middle East (ending up in Israel for a few millennia), including the compelling tale of King David, his mentor and friend. The real problems begin when David watches someone bathe....

Love from Above: While Brahmi's maturing in the desert, Kaojin adjusts to married life. And parenting. It ends up that his daughter, Tendouumi, is the most sought-after bride on the earth. Even the kami are chasing her.

Meanwhile, a thief is causing trouble for the Clan. She has stolen the Staff of the Ancients, and has made the mistake of humiliating Kaosu.

To make matters worse, the thief--Lady Hiroe Ogawa-has a couple of young sidekicks.

As the hijinks ensue to retrieve the Staff, Tendouumi falls for a mysterious admirer. He's unlike any of her past suitors. However, this youth has a terrible secret.

The emperor of Japan issues the order to Lord Nishiyama-that is, Kaosu-to pass judgment on Hiroe. Kaosu decides that her people are exonerated, but she (and Duo because of his devotion) must choose their fate. This has unique consequences.

Delicate Creatures: Yaoraiken and Tendouumi marry; they have two daughters. The first is Titania, a blue elf girl wiser than her years. Her only limitation is a fatal allergy to iron. The second child is Guinevere, a wild, golden-haired girl who is beloved by her family. Both go afar: one to Avalon, the other to England.

Final Wishes from a Dying Breath: Sensing danger, Kaojin takes precautions, writing a final order to the Clan soldiers. Brahmi continues his long trek home. Kaosu and Merlin, having found the king of Camelot, train the young king and his chosen knights to rule.

Deadly Scenario: Arago has been busy. Now he's created a mystical armor. Kaojin warns Kaosu about the threat, not wanting to act alone for a change. Kaosu himself is unsure about the armor, and decides to wait.

Wielding this new armor, Arago starts destroying people's lives as never before. This comes to the emperor of Japan. He sends his finest samurai, Tatsuye Kunikida, to stop Saotome or die trying. After Tatsuye dies, Kaojin asks Lord Nishiyama again. Kaosu agrees, and all three brothers engage in a battle against Arago.

Saotome gives the armor to the three brothers. It begins to crush them; Kaojin pushes his two elder brothers out of the bond to save them. And finds himself able to endure the armor's brutal nature. Kaojin uses his spirit to purify the sinister armor, but as he gets close, Arago receives a sudden, inexplicable surge of evil power; it reclaims the armor and focuses all of Arago's power to kill Kaojin.

Torn by her father's death, Tendouumi summons all of her energy to destroy Saotome; it ends up killing her as well.

The Sleeping Kingdom of Righteousness: Finally, Guin is Arthur's bride. While the consummation occurs quickly enough, the royal couple-indeed, the whole kingdom-must be put asleep for over 400 years, while Guin is pregnant. Camelot reawakens.

Guin bears a son with red hair. Four years pass and Camelot is again in danger. It's so great that the entire royal family must be split. Arthur goes to Avalon and sleeps; Guin and the Knights sleep underground along with the kingdom, and the tiny heir to the throne goes with his great-grandmother to Japan.

Echoes of the Future: Three years later. Shutendouji has settled into his new life with Calla, whom he calls mother. He makes a new friend, Anubisu Murashima, who likes to hide in the shadows. Brahmi has now had seven sons, each with unique challenges. His favorite, young Sekhmet Naaza, also befriends Shuten and Anubisu. This trio of terror meets the sly, nimble Rajura, the second son of a Ramirez family kinsman and an Incan priestess.

They grow up together. Unfortunately, the four youths join the Dynasty together.

The four samurai didn't see many alternatives. No shogun would take them. Sekhmet didn't want to join his father's private army, and going to Avalon with the armors proved to be disastrous, as Oberon banished them for 1000 years along with the other Children.

On this note, all we can do is watch and wait.

ACS: 11*06*2K - 12*27*2K

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