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Jibithurieisoi Project: Past and Future Files

Days of Old:


Our past wiseguys as young heroes.


1.     Kaioh-tsun (Kaosu/the Ancient) Nishiyama: Think Milliardo with straw coolie hat. Yum!

2.     Kaioh-yun (Kaojin) Nishiyama: Shutendouji clone; green-brown eyes.

3.     Kaioh-rou (Kaoru) Nishiyama: Cross between Chad (Sailor Moon minor) and Young Grandpa Yosho (T. Muyo).

4.     Brahmi Naaza: Shorter Sekhmet with tamed hair and mustache. No color on eyelids.

5.     Calla N.: #2’s wife; Relena/GB’s Calla cross w/ just a touch of Mia and a dash of ‘Douji.

6.     Hiroe Ogawa: Cross between F3 heroine of same name and Lucy Noin.

7.     Duo Maximus: Clone of Maxwell. Grandson of Death. Not a Gundam in sight.

8.     Tendouumi N.: Sasami/’Douji cross with silver-blue hair.

9.     Yaoraiken: Shuten/Kamadaki cross.

10.         Chang Wu Fei: Clone of Wufei; name spelled differently.

11.         Guinevere (Guin) N.: Blonde ‘Douji/Saki cross.

12.         Arago Saotome: Evil twin Ryo with white hair.


Older persons who paved the way.


1.     Mamoru Yomoto: Middle-age Ryo.

2.     Kaioh Nishiyama: Slightly chunky Bolt Crank/Zechs cross with DBZ King Kai wardrobe.

3.     Matsuuyama Koji: Younger redhead cross between Mia and dead grandpa.

4.     Salimh Naaza: Brahmi’s pop, normal hair; East Indies look.

5.     Merlin: Middle-age, brown-eyed Treize K. in early stages. Short, distinguished beard (x/o Riker—or Xanatos! —and Benton Quest.) comes later.

6.     Achisa Jurai: Ayeka/Mia cross with a bit of Relena. (“Duh....” – Ryoko, T. Muyo).

7.     Achisa Saotome: Cross of Ryo and the Tenchi’s mom. Blue eyes.

8.     Shang Tsen-yu N.: Pale reddish-blonde with curly hair. Slight resemblance to Milly.

9.     Kujichagulia Naaza: Ethiopian lady with pale green hair. (Guess anime convention must be adhered to, but in hair only!) Obviously S. Naaza’s wife.

Little Angel Noriyuki:


1.     Noriyuki Kusanagi:

a.     Child: age nine, Michiru-colored hair; basic Kusanagi/Tenchi cross.

b.     Adult: Obvious Kusaclone with turquoise hair; gains goatee.

2.     Lady Momiji Fujimiya: Older Momiji clone with black hair.

3.     Shinyu Fujimiya:

a.     Child: Yuli impersonator with Momiji’s hair.

b.     Adult: More bishounen features; Yuli/Kamadaki cross.

Mythic Exploits:


1.     Kongou Kusanagi: Long-haired, less babyfaced Kento clone. As years pass, he beards slightly.

2.     Yamato Yamazaki: Sage impersonator with purple eyes and long hair, usually in a ponytail.

3.     Atsuo Tobe: Short guy with Cody’s (Digimon) bowl cut. Has mustache.

4.     Taro Torushima: Rowen-haired, with a few Rowen-esque features; a touch of Molly(SM), a large dose of Dilandau, and a look all his own.

5.     Hariel Senada: Ryo (modern)/Kazuya (Tekken) cross. He gets the goatee around his mouth, too; as he gets older.

6.     Kumi Yamazaki: Yamato’s sister; Sakura clone with blue eyes and shoulder length hair.



Has a lot of people we already know.


Shows Involved (includes cameos):

·        Sailor Moon R

·        Ronin Warriors

·        Gargoyles*

·        Saint Seiya


*Note: Entire epic takes place after “Hunter’s Moon”; thus, no Goliath Chronicles.

Seeds of Evil


Everybody from Aftermath, plus some newbies.


Shows Involved:

·        Blue Seed

·        Dragon Ball Z

·        Digimon

·        Monster Rancher

·        Gundam Wing

·        Tenchi Muyo

·        Pokemon





New Challengers:


1.     Jiroku Kusanagi: Blond Kusaclone with blue eyes. Mamoru’s estranged twin.

2.     Yohko Kunikida: Kid D. H. Yohko with dark blue hair. Daitetsu and Ryoko’s (Takeuchi) daughter/kami ruler Yohko—yoo Ohkuni.

3.     Megumi Hirogawa: Kento’s girlfriend, Momiji’s unbeknownst third sister. Sexier version of Momiji with silver hair.

4.     Genki “Skip” Nishiyama: Chad’s American kid brother, a cross between Heero and Genki. Mostly Genki.

5.     Taichi Prioleau: Older Tai with African features, sans goggles.

6.     Joe Kido: Older clone of Digimon character. Not related to Digimon plot.

7.     Hiro Shimura: Youth cross of D, Mephisto, and Ryo, with a touch of Heero.

8.     Davis Nomiya: Older Davis Mojimiya (goof from season 2).

9.     Mimi Jamison: Yet another Digiclone. (a Digimon Dairaizer plot?)

10.         Satoshi Nishiyama: Melvin’s dad; a slight resemblance to A. Ketchum.

11.        Ron Yamazaki: Father of Sakura Y.

12.        Hiroshi Kusanagi: Mamoru K’s estranged dad; current field leader of the SotAC. Also wealthy business mogul and immediate superior to D. Xanatos’ level in the Illuminati.


Other surprises are in store.



A plot centering on the true origins of the Dark Sisters(SM).


Lots of SM and RW references come back to haunt us. This also involves several Greek myths; including clips from Homer’s epics, The Iliad and The Odyssey.


And since the characters either belong to Homer, Takeuchi, or the other geniuses that I’m paying tribute to. I don’t have to waste precious disk space on characters. Read the story.





The end.


Let me elaborate.


Our heroes find out about Ai no Inochi, the first symphony in existence. A labor of love from Matsuuyama and the rest of the Mamoru Dynasty, this symphony was originally the massive genki dama (Spirit Bomb, anyone?) used on the Dark Dragon. Matsuuyama, in turn, made it into a coordinated rite with several suites (ala Tchiakovsky).


Unfortunately, no one can attract an audience willing to listen.


To make matters worse, our heroes—after all that they’ve endured—are losing hope.


On a brighter note, Merlin appears to the team.


Again, this is the end of the epic, so everyone that was in the other stories makes at least a cameo in this one.

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