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Jibithurieisoi Project: Mythic Exploits

Timeline: About 1,000 years ago.

Place: Japan


This is the ten-year struggle of the first Ronin Warriors against the Dynasty, the Devil's Hand, and...well, you'll find out. Read on.
- Crasher

Part One:

Exploit 1.1: Meet the Ronins

The first five Ronin Warriors meet for the very first time. And the Ancient has a lot of work to do.
Exploit 1.2: A Mysterious Challenge
The new heroes are up to the challenge when a mysterious shogun challenges them. Yeah, right.
Exploit 1.3: Enemy Among Us
So close, yet so far. The warriors are at the Dynasty gates, but the past of one prevents them from going any further.
Exploit 1.4: First Encounter With Evil--The Dynasty at Last
The heroes finally face the four Warlords. All nine samurai are found to be utter fools.
Part Two:

Exploit 2.1: Kongou's Plan

A very sensual endeavour to win a warlord back to humanity...doesn't go as planned.
Exploit 2.2: Merciless Benefactor
A reckless ronin's life is spared. Only to be mocked.
Exploit 2.3: The Gentle Hand of Death
Setsunaku from a torn blossom, and mercy from a hunted snake.
Exploit 2.4: A Peasant's Battle
A village woman defeats two warriors, but dies at the hands of a demon.
Exploit 2.5: Lessons of the Cat
Games of passion and branches of friendship. Lessons brutally learned are never forgotten.
Part Three:

Exploit 3.1: Victory and Defeat! Spoils of War on a Fateful Day of Battle

Ronin and warlord unite against an evil, directed at the future itself. Matters once shrouded in darkness will bathe in light.
Exploit 3.2: Eternal Flame
Behold, the White Armor! The greatest form of power is unleashed.
Exploit 3.3: Fires of Darkness
The power of the armors can corrupt. The absolute power of the White Armor corrupts absolutely. Even unto death.
Exploit 3.4: "Torch of Spirit"
With the death of comrades, new life has begun. Seeds of doubt are sown into a heart infected with darkness. A scarred warrior brings secrets best left to the dead.

© 2001 TTTV/CPA. The Warlords and Hariel are Hajime Yadate's, but the other four Ronins are mine. Anubis Shutendouji still owns all. As does Kail Anubisu. Do not sue me, please.