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January 6, 2003:

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New Developments

Beware: I have a blog

The Genkibishoujo
The Onimashounen Anubis Shuten, Mamoru Kusanagi, and Darien Chiba as the Rowdyruff Boys.

Feature Presentations
Apocrypha: Stories Untold The saga is forming. Go and read an excerpt in progress.
Digimon Cross The digiport is OPEN.
Nintendo ™ vs the World Lo and behold, the Nintendo™ Universe!

Rise of the Amazons "Image Gallery" (:b)
Rise of the Amazons Action shots of new robots in the Rockman tradition.
Normalcy Another pic of the ladies, in normal clothes.

TTTV Auxiliary Satellites
AuxSat 01 ONLINE, and under heavy construction. Courtesy of Boomspeed's web service. I told you...AuxSat 01 will return.
AuxSat 02 "On its way", as it says. Big plans for that one.
Animation Channel Zero: SUPERSTATION All of this hinges on music files, as that's a big part of this new site's appeal.

Just send any questions or comments to Anubis Crasher Soundwave.

Disclaimer: I do NOT own anything Ronin, Scout, Gargoyle, or Aokushimitama related. The only thing I own is the plot and my Anubis Soundwave Originals ™.

It would be futile to sue me because:

a. I cannot pay.

b. I'm just a fangirlie.

(Indeed, if TPTB at ADV Films, Sunrise, Toei, Disney and the others want to do these massive crossovers themselves, I have no power to stop them from annihilating my ideas.)

I have no controlling ownership of Nintendo Company, Ltd. or its affiliates, else I'd be producing these stories for cash.

Time-Warner, Cartoon Network, and Craig McCracken own the Powerpuff Girls, not me. Vegeta and Goku belong to someone named Akira and Toei Animation.

In short, all registered properties belong to their owners, and their rights are reserved. Please ask them not to waste their lawyers on me. Thank you.

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