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Megatron's sound bite is from the lair of the Plumed Serpent. Enter with caution.

New Developments

July 26, 2002:

TTTV's new online store! Click the icon on the left for more details.

IOW, a shameless plug. Now go buy that CD player you know you like. >D. In other news, Tamed Instincts: the Website, is almost online.

Face lift. Fun With Tables! You'll see other new things in the future. There's life in the old TTTV yet. Also, you'll note that AuxSat 01 is back online. I know it is, because it costs me $5.75/month.

Click. This is the icon to Animation Channel Zero, Fanfiction Headquarters.

Sneak peek. Click here and you'll see an active link.

BEWARE. For animation's darkest hour is at hand. Toonami, Cartoon Network's action-animation block, has experienced cutbacks. Yes, folks; those Card Captors commercials are REAL.
UPDATE: Fear not, the storm has passed for now. Kids' WB Toonami is different from CN Toonami. Thus, the TSS elects to standby.

On my MP3 woes. Tripod cannot embed MP3s; that's the format of my sound files. The music is great on Angelfire, OTOH. The only way to hear the music here is to download it on a seperate page that looks nothing like my site. I had no choice except to delete the sound files, for now. However, I will make a simple HTML page that will rectify this problem. Music and Jibithurieisoi are meant to be. :: UPDATE ::I found out how to embed the files without a generic Tripod Download Screen™! YAHOO™! SEE? Look above! :D

The work in progress: Digimon Cross Project. It's dedicated to crossovers between Digimon--mainly 02--and other anime or cartoon titles.

This link is a tribute to DBZ and the "theme song" to an upcoming fanfiction; my second choice for most ambitious project. Stay tuned.

Also, Soundwave's Lair, the new and improved Transformers page, is coming...but I can't say "soon" at the moment.

Any questions or comments can be fielded by myself. If it's fanfic, please put fanfic in the subject header. Domo, danke, y merci.

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